Crystal Series

All In One Solar Energy Street Light

Crystal Series solar energy street light designed with ABS all-in-one housing and PV solar panel, provides higher lumens with lower energy consumption. High efficiency solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, the build-in battery will store the electric power and supply energy to the light in dark, even in rainy days.

  • 30w/60w/90w/120w integrated motion sensor solar street light
  • Remote control /Auto lighting Motion Sensor/Timer
  • Applications: pathway, street, garden, landscape, warehouse , garage, parking lot,  patio, yard, village
  • OEM & ODM Customization

choose solar light cost $0/year, help you to save much money than use incandecent lamp and efficient light bulb
Awingr solar led light free electricity to help people save money every year
Solar outdoor lights designed with high bright Japanese LED chip combine best quality solar panel
Solar motion sensor light build-in human induction intelligent recognition, save energy when no motion is detected
waterproof IP65 All in one integrated PIR motion sensor outdoor solar light manufacture
30w 60w 90w 120w All in one integrated PIR motion sensor waterproof IP65 outdoor solar led lights

All In One 30W 60W 90W 120W Solar Motion Sensor Solar Light

Mode1 : Motion Sensor ON: 100% Brightness When People Passing By When The First 4 Hrs, 30%-50% Brightness For The Rest Whole Night

Mode2 : Motion Sensor OFF: Auto All Night Lighting  

Mode3 : Timer Setting 3/5/8 Hour

Mode4 : Timer, Remote Control, PIR motion Sensor 3 In 1 customized 


30W 60W 90W 120W 

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