Knight Series

500W 800W 1600W All-in-One Solar Hybrid Inverter Kit

Knight Series All in one solar hybrid inverter kit integrated solar panel, inverter, solar controller, build-in lead acid free/Gel battery to a whole solar power system. Advantages for solar priority, cold start with battery.

  • 500W/800W/1600W Solar Mppt Pure sine wave inverter kit can be installed build-in battery¬†
  • Newest Design All in one integrated inverter
  • OEM & ODM Customization

solar solar inverter for generator with controller inside all in one integrated solar system
Best Price All in one mppt solar inverter generator system / hybrid power system
mppt hybrid power inverter 1500w pure sine wave solar priority dc/ac output system
mppt hybrid pure sine wave inverter solar power system with detailed functions
Mppt hybrid all in one solar inverter manufacture from China
home inverter for wide range of appplications

500W /800W/1600W Solar Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

  • Hybrid power systems integrated with inverter+controller+battery 
  • Solar input priority 
  • Auto start with AC recovery 
  • Cold start with battery 
  • 500w/800w /1600w pure sine wave inverter
inverter installation kit for household, scholl, wild training, road, countryside

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