About us

AWINGR –– Air Wing, Win Future

Sustainable solar energy brings human beings to a more splendid civilization. 


With determined greenism and strong social conscience,  a group aspring people unite together and Awingrsolar was founded in 2015. We believe, to protect the Earth, preserve the oceans, and maintain the purity of our air is most worthy in the world. As pioneers in solar innovation, we proudly present a suite of cutting-edge and reliability in core that redefine clean energy solutions, providing solar panels , solar inverter , solar power station, solar lights, etc . Awingrsolar illuminate a future where clean energy powers progress and preserves our precious planet. 

Our World , Sustainable Powered

At AwingSolar, our commitment extends beyond providing innovative solar solutions as founder’s long view.  Designed for communities, businesses, and homes, our solar power systems seamlessly integrate into daily life, providing a continuous and eco-friendly power supply. Every purchase contributes in supporting education initiatives and charitable activities for poverty area. Together, let’s forge a path towards sustainable living that resonates with the strength of enduring values.

Assembling Line
Electrical PCB boards and IC quality checked
Inverter Workshop
Step by step manufacture
off grid solar PV inverter for residential and commercial
solar modules best processing
Well Packaged solar assessies
solar modules in warehouse, ready to ship